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Computer Center FEB RAS was established on 1 July 1981 in accordance with the Decree of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR № 236 dated March 12, 1981 and decree of the Presidium of the Far Eastern Scientific Center № 16 026-120d dated June 17, 1981. The first director of the Institute was Academician Yevgeny Zolotov, a distinguished scholar, a specialist in control theory and systems research, who was in charge of the Institute for nine years. Since 1992 the Institute has been headed by Corresponding Member of RAS, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Smagin Sergei Ivanovich.


 The main directions of scientific activities of the Institute are:
► mathematical modeling of natural and technological processes.
► fundamental and applied problems of computing and information technology..
CC FEB RAS consists of 8 research laboratories, which are grouped in three departments. The staff of the Institute consists of 90 employees, 57 of them are academic staff, including a Corresponding Member of RAS, 11 doctors and 22 candidates of sciences.
Research of CC FEB RAS is supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) and the Russian Humanitarian Scientific Foundation (RHF).
CC FEB   RAS RAS holds a license (No. 165 700) for educational activities in eleven post-graduate education programs: 01.01.01 - mathematical analysis; 01.01.02 - differential equations; 01.01.03 - mathematical physics; 01.01.05 - the theory of probability and mathematical statistics, 1.1 .07 - computational mathematics; 03.00.28 - bioinformatics; 05.13.01 - system analysis, management and information processing; 05.13.06 - automation and control of technological processes and production; 05.13.11 - mathematical software of computers, systems and computer networks; 05.13.13 - telecommunication systems and computer networks; 05.13.18 - mathematical modeling, numerical methods and programs. Training is provided full-time and part time.
CC FEB RAS closely collaborates with the Far Eastern State Transport University, Pacific State University, Far Eastern State Humanitarian University.
CC FEB RAS has a department of "applied mathematics" together with the Far Eastern State Transport University.
In 2004 a computing cluster was created in CC FEB RAS. The cluster provides the Institutes of the Far Eastern Branch of RAS with modern high-performance information-computational resources for scientific research.
The Institute has scientific contacts with many institutions of RAS as well as foreign organizations: the Institute of Super technologies (Lisbon, Portugal), University of Lulea (Sweden), University of Uppsala (Sweden), University of Brunel (Uxbridge, UK) and etc.